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Hi, I'm Maria Dubois, a mom of two wonderful kids, a photographer and videographer based in the picturesque town of Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

My Story

Originally from the Philippines, Maria's journey to the United States in 2012 sparked a profound appreciation for the beauty of both the people and the landscapes that surround her.

Before her passion for the visual arts took center stage, Maria pursued a career as a mechanical engineer. However, from a young age, she felt a magnetic pull towards the world of art, finding joy in painting, sketching, and calligraphy. As life led her down different paths, Maria eventually embraced her artistic inclinations once again after becoming a devoted stay-at-home mom for several years.

In her pursuit of self-reinvention, Maria took it upon herself to master the art of photography and videography. Armed with a DSLR camera, she began capturing the essence of moments, freezing emotions in time through her lens. Through her work, she discovered a profound connection between her love for art and her ability to create breathtaking visual stories.

Maria's passion for storytelling extended beyond land, as she delved into the world of aerial photography and videography. Armed with her piloting skills and drone expertise, she ventured into new heights, capturing unique and mesmerizing perspectives of the world below.

Maria Dubois stands as a testament to the power of resilience and the pursuit of one's true passions. Her artistic journey, combined with her technical background, has allowed her to create compelling visual narratives that resonate with audiences far and wide. Through her lens, Maria continues to celebrate the beauty of both people and places, immortalizing moments and emotions with an artist's touch and an engineer's precision. As her artistry evolves and flourishes, Maria remains committed to exploring the world through her unique perspective, seeking beauty in the ordinary and extraordinary alike.

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Tel: 774-279-2135

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